Ann Nguyen
Instagram: @annwinn

What would I do without my teammates and our fb group page….. SO thankful for them bc I’d be lost and completely unprepared for this weekend if it weren’t for such good team work! I haven’t even met half the members on my team and was iffy about it at first but I already like them 😊 real talk though, I’m gonna be one huge step closer to becoming a youth leader!

Anonymous asked:
Where did you buy your white sandals you wear in your ig pics?? I'm in love!

Nordstrom last year!

Anonymous asked:
how come i cant follow your instagram?

I don’t know…?

Anonymous asked:
What would you do if your ex wanted you back but they messed up really badly?

It’s really up to the both of you to figure things out.

Anonymous asked:
What makes you like a guy?

I’m not sure how to answer these type of questions lol

Anonymous asked:
What lashes do you wear?? I follow you on ig but too afraid to ask lol

I wear a few different kinds! I used to always wear the Sonia Kashuk lashes though

If being such a caring person is a good thing, then why does it make me feel so bad in the end?


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*